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Howdy howdy.

Members of the Asatru Lore forum (AL) will know me pretty well, listeners of Raven Radio (RR) might have heard me speak my piece there before as well.  I live in rural Northern Missouri, I’m married (to a Christian, mind you) and we have about a half dozen kids between us, counting the ex step kid who’s still family somehow.  I’m the only heathen I know of around here – I’ve no kindred, no theod, nor anyone of like mind to share my thoughts.  That’s why I am a member of AL, and being a member of AL is why I am involved with RR, and it’s also why I helped create the one and only Reconstructionist Heathen E-zine, Odroerir.  I’m neither a scholar nor a publisher,  but sometimes when nobody’s creating the things you want to see created, you have to do something about yourself.

I live in a small town but we are steadily working towards a life in the country, a life as much like the life my Grandfather lived on the old family farm as I can manage.   We do what we can where we are, planting every square foot of yard we can with vegetables, maintaining a couple truck gardens, and raising chickens for eggs and meat. Dwarf dairy goats are on the horizon.  We buy and butcher our own meat goats, and process all our own game up to and including deer.  I hunt and fish… I’ll gut, skin and eat about anything that walks, flies, or crawls if I can manage to shoot it or hook it. But even if I don’t manage to kill anything, any day in the woods is a good day. The only thing better than a day in the woods with a shotgun is a day in the woods with a shotgun and a good dog, and I’ve got one of those, too.  His name’s Mo.

Like most Americans, my family tree has roots that spread across Europe, but those who came finally to America were Scottish, Irish, and English.  As I know virtually nothing about my Dad’s side of the family save his father was of English descent and his mother was Irish, I tend to focus more on my mother’s ancestors, traced back across the sea to the Scottish borders.  Lest anyone get the impression that I feel the need to identify myself as Scottish, I do not.  I’m not Scottish. I’m Missourian.  But my ancestors were Scottish, and if you don’t know how important ancestors are, you’re reading the wrong blog.  Or maybe the right one, if you aim to get educated.

I’ve never had a blog before, and I don’t know as I’ll be especially good at it.  But the space was free, so I figured I’d give it a shot.  Y’all make sure to give Bob some love for all the hard work his does, for AL and for Raven Radio.

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  1. Hehe, thanks for the shoutout, man. I look forward to reading more of what you have to say. We’re usually of like mind of course, but it’s the differences that makes things truly interesting.

  2. Outstanding Slaeg!

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